Green Apu - take care of your investment!

Green Apu is a company offering auxiliary power units for semi trucks. We serve our customers with the technical solutions that will surely make their life easier. Since we’ve created our apu unit, lots of customers are able to save large amounts of money and increase their living comfort. Our green apu is a versatile device that can serve in different ways. First of all, we should pay our attention to the climate mode that enables to maintain a specific temperature and therefore, alternate between heat and AC. Isn’t it really comfortable? We should take under consideration that the temperatures fluctuate a lot during a year and that is why our apu unit can turn out to be literally irreplaceable. The second issue is battery monitoring and engine pre heat. As we all know it’s not always easy to start an engine when it’s really cold outside. Our best apu automatically warm the truck’s engine and thanks to that, it can be started without the smallest delay. We provide you with the installation and 24/7 technical support. We expect you to contact us in case of any faults - we’ll do our best to service it as rapidly as possible.

Some of our customers say that can’t imagine their life without truck apu anymore. That’s firmly the best reward for our company.