Upgrade your kitchen with granite countertops

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I remodeled kitchen several years ago. After that time, everything still looked quite well and I didn’t have to do much in terms of makeover. Umm, did I say everything? There was one but important exception, countertops. In the past, I preferred to choose cheaper option and invest saved money elsewhere. Fast forward to the present and again I shop for new countertops. This time, however, I’m not going to settle for inferior quality. This time I want superb product, resistant and esthetic. Upon perusing various blogs, I learn that there is one material that perfectly meets my requirements – granite. So, now I have to find a company that will provide me with perfect granite countertops from Madison. Why exactly Madison, you may ask? Well, that’s where I live and previous makeover already thought me that it’s quicker and more comfortable to use services located in house proximity.

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But let’s get back the point, which is finding appropriate contractor. Long story short – my choice fells on RT Granite. From our first conversation, I’m impressed by their friendly, professional approach and unassuming manner. They answer all of my questions and show plenty of samples. The sample part is actually quite surprising (in a positive why). Why so? For one thing, not every company I contact is ready to do so. Some, just show catalogs and expect me to choose on that basis. For another, I haven’t expected that there are so many different colors and patterns of granite. Fortunately, employees help me with finding the best match for my kitchen in terms of both particular style and design. And voila, several days later, I have new, beautiful granite countertops in my kitchen. I like those countertops so much that now I’m going to ask RT Granite to install such countertops in my bathroom as well.