Are there new possibilities to participate in implant courses?

Who can enroll in professional implant courses?

implant courses led by experts

For thousands of dental surgeons around the world, taking part in implant courses has always been a bit complicated. For a long time a significant amount of money was needed to enroll in one of these, mainly because of the necessity of using high-tech equipment, and general complexity of the courses. I know a few doctors who wanted to be a part of one of them, and because of the factors I mentioned above, they couldn’t. Also, much of the courses aren’t very friendly in the matter of time; when you’re a full-time dental surgeon, enrolling in a course which lasts sometimes even more than just few weeks, simply isn’t possible.

What are dental implant courses for?

professional implant courses

If you are a dental surgeon, you probably have heard about them. It is necessary to stay in touch with technology, which by the way is advancing very fast nowadays. That’s why Trinon Collegium Practicum is doing what I’d call „hands on implant courses”, because of how great they are if you want to learn new practical things about what’s new in implantology. The company itself has even a bit of history in dental courses, which exceeds as far as twenty years. Given the issues I mentioned before, like not having enough time as a full-time surgeon, TCP’s offer really seems like a great deal. They courses are in a way unique, because how intensive they are. During those few days you discover all the new things about dental implants and how to put them in your everyday work as a dental surgeon. Also, live patient implant seminars are really worth participating in, and they give you an experience which really pays of in the job.