Even a small kitchen needs good countertops


I live in the small apartment and my kitchen is very small, too. Despite that I need some cooking space. I decided to remodel my kitchen and my first step was to buy some new countertops. I have started searching for a trusted contractor in Chicago. Luckily, my friend recommended me the right firm. Stone Exact crew performed a small granite job in my kitchen which turned out better than I could have ever hoped for. They have arrived on time, knew what he was doing, executed the service. When I see the final effect I can really tell you that they have the finest kitchen countertops in Chicago! They have the most beautiful designs and great quality! I would highly recommend Stone Exact for any of your granite projects. It was truly a pleasant experience! Getting incredible countertops could not be easier! Thank you to all the people at SE for all that you do!

All you need is Stone Exact!


The members of the Stone Exact team were very responsive and offered helpful advice on the design of my new kitchen. What is more, their price was far better than the other two places that gave me a quote and they were very accommodating to my schedule. Honestly, they did a great job at a very, very reasonable price, especially compared to some of his competitors who wanted to charge more than double the rate. I wish all contractors could be as ethical and reliable as Stone Exact! They helped me all the way from the planning to the installation. Very smart guys and prompt professional service! Working with Stone Exact was one of the best things that happened to me and my apartment! I highly recommend this contractor and would happily have them again if another job comes up!