OMSPA Microblading & Cosmetic Tattoo Academy - we’ll teach you everything!

In OMSPA Microblading & Cosmetic Tattoo Academy we know how important part of the face look are the eyebrows. We come out with an offer of professional microblading classes in Chicago that are being conducted by our licensed makeup artist. Some of you can obviously ask what actually microblading is. That’s a new, manual method allowing to highlight and improve the state of the eyebrows. More and more women are complaining about their eyebrows and therefore, microblading will probably become one of the most desired cosmetic interventions within a short time. It consist of depositing pigment into epidermis by means of fine blade. It’s being inserted close to the skin surface so as to create new, full eyebrows.

During the microblading training in Chicago we really take care of you and your skills. We do our best to pass on teaching and introduce you to the latest trends and best technology. Our teachers are really experienced and willing to share professional advices. We realize that the beginning can be hard, however, we promise - you won’t even notice the moment in which microblading will become a triviality. First of all, we want you to feel comfortable using all needed tools and could practise on live models. The training groups are really small so you have an opportunity to ask every question that will appear in you mind. What’s more, we provide our student with full insurance coverage. There’s is nothing more to hesitate, come and learn with us!