The office relocation – how to deal with it?

professional movers from SAPA

I started my company two years ago. I’m an architect so it is an architectural design studio. I didn’t know if it will work at all, if we will gain any clients... On the beginning I hired only two people who were helping me with projects, but after short time I needed more working hands. My company succeeded and what I am really proud of, consists of twelve designers now. As from the beginning of expanding my business, I also started to think about moving to the bigger office. I realised that we have too little space like for a comfortable work. I quickly found what I was looking for. The only problem was bringing all our things to the new place. It was not that far away, but nevertheless we were all too busy to do it on our own. Then, I decided to use the help of qualified movers in Addison. SAPA Certified Movers made our relocation as efficiently as I expected.

Professionals choose professionals – here’s the proof

experienced moving company

First of all, the biggest advantage of this company is fast delivery. For my firm, time is money, so we wanted to continue our work in the new place as quickly as it was possible. SAPA Movers enabled it during one day. Secondly, I asked workers about secure packing and transport. All our appliances, computers and other things in the office are rather expensive. They are necessary for us to work and if they would get devastated, it would be a big cost for me to fix them or bue new ones. My request got fulfilled, everything was securely packed and brought undamaged to our new office. Moreover, the price of SAPA Movers’ services was really affordable. In the end, I can surely recommend them to anyone.