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My window broke and I think it was a sign from up above because otherwise I wouldn't have pushed myself to replace my old windows. They definitely should have been thrown away a while ago. Not only have they become rather ugly, but also draughty. Draughty windows cause warm air to escape from interiors in the winter and therefore cause higher energy bills. So to simply put it - I wanted a slight house makeover and to reduce my enegry bills. Now I needed to find professional window replacement in Des Plaines area. Of course there are plenty of companies to choose from, but I've read some of the reviews and decided to hire OPAL Window Replacement. They seemed like the most trustworthy company to replace my windows in Des Plaines. So I gave them a call.

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Working with OPAL was a pleasure. Their customer service is very nice and also, I was offered a free estimate on my window replacement. I think this is what made me stay. Their staff was kind enough to answer all of my questions. They helped me choose windows that will match my home - and there was plenty to choose from. OPAL has partnered with best window brands, so the choice and the quality of windows is overwhelming. Along with wide selection of window styles, OPAL has the most experienced contractors in Des Plaines area. Their team has done dozens of window replacement projects and are very knowledgable about their job. This window replacement company fully stands before their projects and offers 5-year warranty on every job. What speaks more about the company than full confidence in their works? They handle every window replacement with great care, no matter if it's a small or big project. Get the best window replacement in Des Plaines with OPAL contractors.